Founder of Ash Capital, Ash Khandelwal sets the Blueprint of Success...

Founder of Ash Capital, Ash Khandelwal sets the Blueprint of Success as a Young Accredited Entrepreneur in the Investment Industry Hector Morgan | March 31, 2022 | NYWeekly

Ashwyn Khandelwal, a twenty-one-year-old accredited entrepreneur hailing from Columbus, Ohio, also happens to be the founder of Ash Capital, one of the youngest-owned private equity firms in the country with a diverse portfolio of investments and endorsements.

Growing up in a family of result-driven entrepreneurs played a pivotal role in the direction of Ash’s career. His father, a dedicated tech entrepreneur, was a Forbes 40 under 40 recipient, and his mother, branching off in the fitness industry, was named a finalist for the most powerful and influential women in Ohio. With this blueprint of success laid by his parents, Ash was determined to succeed and surpass his parents’ ambitions.

At just twenty-one, this driven youngster had aspirations that exceeded those of his peers. To achieve his dreams, he spent the prior several years working and studying with mentors to learn and gain a deeper understanding of the industry as well as make several powerful connections.

As the culmination of all the business and investment knowledge, Ash has gained over several successful and failed ventures over the years, some of which had backing from prestigious institutions such as MIT and Stanford.

In 2021, he took the first step towards actualizing his dreams by investing in the highly volatile stock market. This brilliant move, backed by years of research and experience, earned him an overall return of 346% on his portfolio, proving his capabilities to investors and funds. This also gave him the ability to invest in himself leading to the next big step in his endeavors.

With this confidence and backing, the young entrepreneur founded his private equity firm—Ash Capital, where he invests in all types of businesses, especially smaller startups that he believes can turn into significant returns for the firm.

In just a couple of months, the company gained the majority stakes in various companies, including but not limited to a rental real estate firm, a luxury neon sign business, and an exotic car rental agency. Furthermore, the first-year annual return for the company’s investment was an astounding 35% beating the S&P 500 return of 26.89%. This amazing ROI has solidified Ash Capital as a contender in the private equity space and brought several interests from worldwide investors.

One unique attribute that has been the driving force behind the company’s success is its founder’s ability to invest in people rather than numbers. Ash prides himself on his ability to tell when someone has the drive and ambition to make their idea successful no matter what obstacles get in their way, which is why a lot of the people Ash Capital invests in are young entrepreneurs who are just starting out.

As a young entrepreneur himself, Ash is dedicated to helping the young generation be able to have the resources and guidance they need to launch their businesses no matter what background they come from. Ash Capital does not judge people based on where they came from, only where they are going. This has been one of the key factors assisting Ash in solidifying the giant strides Ash Capital has taken in the investment industry.

With Ash Khandelwal at the helm of the company, Ash Capital is on track to be a seven-figure company in its second year and anticipates widening its span of investments into new industries in the coming years.

If you are a young entrepreneur looking for guidance, a company looking for startup investment, or just want to get in touch, check out Ash Khandelwal’s website, LinkedIn, and Instagram.