Ash Khandelwal: The 22-Year-Old Powerhouse Who Has Proven that Success is Possible for Young Aspirants

LA Weekly | 10/26/22

Today’s successful personalities have continuously proven that achieving triumph is not an exclusive path for middle-aged powerhouses. These days, more and more young aspirants are taking center stage in their respective industries, transcending limitations and breaking barriers. One such personality who has defied the odds is Ash Khandelwal.

Ash Khandelwal is a 22-year-old entrepreneur, influencer, and visionary currently making waves across the commercial landscape. Ever since dipping his toes into the industry, he has created significant strides that bring him closer to his dream of success and enable him to carve success-enabling paths for others and serve as their source of inspiration. This young powerhouse is bound to take the industry by storm through his passion-driven initiatives.

From the get-go, Ash Khandelwal has always had an unparalleled zeal for getting ahead. He established his first company at the age of 14. Despite the numerous naysayers asserting that he would never make it, Ash challenged this view and continued to pursue his dream. He was even aware of the harsh realities of cementing oneself in a highly competitive industry, but he soldiered onwards. Years down the road, the young go-getter has managed to launch Ash Capital.

“Whenever times test me, I always remind myself of a quote I have learned over the years: “you can either work hard now and enjoy the rest of your life or enjoy the present and work hard for the rest of your life,” explained Ash. “Naturally, I chose to work hard in the present to enjoy the fruits of my labor later,” he added.

As the founder of a promising private equity firm at 22, things have begun to take shape for this emerging personality. Aside from running a rapidly growing enterprise, Ash Khandelwal has solidified his stance on using social media as a medium for his various commercial pursuits. “Social media is the key to everything these days, including running any successful business. More than that, it allows me to connect with other entrepreneurs my age or younger who are currently struggling with obstacles I’ve overcome. It has also enabled me to help them reach their full potential,” said Ash. Currently, the entrepreneur maintains a following of over 25,000 like-minded individuals across all his social media accounts.

As Ash Khandelwal has managed to push Ash Capital to greater heights, he continues to expand his horizons through the launch of the Ashcroft Agency. This agency helps brands and individuals increase their visibility to either elevate their business or attain a new level of personal status. Using his social media expertise, Ash delivers success to his clients one solution at a time.

Because of his successes over a short period, Ash Khandelwal is beginning to enjoy the fruits of his labor. Recently, he purchased a McLaren 570s, which he described as one of his dream cars growing up. However, he says this purchase is not without purpose, as it continues to motivate him and give him the confidence to push forward no matter what. As he continues to stand at the forefront of the industry, he not only aims to translate his vision of success into reality but also serves as an inspiration for young hopefuls that success is within arm’s reach for those who pour their hearts into their crafts.

You can learn more about Ash at his website, Ash Capital’s website, Ashcroft Agency’s website, or Instagram.