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Ashwyn Khandelwal (21 July 2000) also known as Ash Khandelwal is an American Entrepreneur, social media influencer and fitness model. Khandelwal is best known as CEO and founder of Ash Capital, a private equity firm that helps investors to diversify their portfolio to minimize risk and maximum ROI. He is also the co-founder of StreetLyte, a modern neon sign company that helps customers express their individual creativity.[1]

Right from the beginning, Khandelwal has been recognized for his work, some of them include MIT & Stanford Incubator Top Upcoming Project, Purdue Hackers Hack-a-thon First Place, and Purdue Investors Top Portfolio Return 3x. He has worked closely with notable investors to help them create a robust portfolio engaging investments in Web 3 in addition to securities, real estate, and exotic car rentals.[2]


Early life and education

Khandelwal was born on 21 July 2000 in Powell, Ohio in a family of entrepreneurs who helped him in developing a mindset that helped his career. His father, Yogesh Khandelwal, was a tech entrepreneur, who was named as a Forbes 40 under 40 recipient, and his mother had a very strong background in the fitness industry. She was named a finalist for the most powerful and influential women in Ohio. His parents have created a strong foundation for him and he was determined to succeed and exceed his parents’ ambitions. When Khandelwal was 21, he had displayed aspirations to exceed his peers. To find success and fulfill his dreams, during the preceding years, he worked and studied with mentors to obtain knowledge and a better grasp of the sector, as well as to establish various influential relationships.

Khandelwal has attended Purdue University for a Bachelors in Industrial Management (Business and Finance).


By investing in the very unpredictable stock market in 2021, Khandelwal at the age of 21 made the first step towards achieving his goals. This remarkable decision, supported by years of study and expertise, resulted in an overall portfolio return of 346%, demonstrating his competence to investors and funds. This is where he realized that he should invest in himself, which led to the next significant step in his pursuits.

Having gained the confidence and belief of investors, he established his private equity company, Ash Capital, where he invests in all sorts of companies, particularly smaller startups and young entrepreneurs that he believes have huge upside potential to generate substantial profits for the firm.

In only a few months, the company acquired controlling holdings in many enterprises, including but not limited to a rental real estate company, a premium neon sign business, and a luxury automobile rental agency. In addition, the first-year annual return on the company's investment was a staggering 35%, surpassing the S&P 500's return of 26.89%. This astounding return on investment has established Ash Capital's position as a competitor in the private equity industry and attracted attention from investors across the globe. With Ash Khandelwal at the helm, Ash Capital is on course to reach seven figures in its second year and expects to expand its investment portfolio into new sectors in the future.


  • MIT & Stanford Incubator Top Upcoming Project
  • Purdue Hackers Hack-a-thon First Place
  • Purdue Investors Top Portfolio Return 3x

Personal life

Khandelwal travels all over the country for work and pleasure, frequenting familiar locations such as Miami, Los Angeles, New York, and Columbus, Ohio. He spends his time traveling, working, investing, and spending a great deal of time in the gym which he considers his personal therapy. Khandelwal is very close to his family and friends from his hometown. Cutting out people and activities that were of no benefit and focusing on creating an inner circle of like minded and equally ambitious individuals was a key part of his success in his opinion